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Locron® Antiperspirant Agents for the Cosmetic Industry

Locron® are high performing and well known antiperspirant agents for the cosmetic industry.

Locron® is a trusted brand for the global leading personal care companies for more than 45 years and makes
Archroma a leader in antiperspirant actives. Archroma’s experience is based on its long heritage with Clariant, Hoechst and Sandoz.
To meet the high quality standards of this industry, the Locron® antiperspirant actives production is certified according to GMP regulations (ISO 22716).


is used in perspiration-reducing preparations in various forms such as roll-ons, pump sprays,
creams/soft solids, aerosol sprays, suspension roll-ons, sticks or clear gels. The application of the
specific Locron® products is displayed in the following table.

Locron L is our standard product for roll-ons, pump sprays and creams. It is soluble in water up to a content of approx. 60 % (m/m) and in ethanol up to approx. 20 % (m/m). It is only sparingly soluble in higher molecular weight monovalent and multivalent alcohols.

Locron P is a fine powder with 99.5 % of the particles smaller than 40 μm.

It is manly applied in aerosol sprays and stick formulations.

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