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AC-PQ1004 is a water-soluble substantive conditioner. It is derived from natural cellulose, and gives excellent conditioning effect to hair and skin. It can deliver light to strong conditioning to hair and control deposit of actives. They also enable the formulation of shampoos with no build-up on hair and avoid volume-down effects. It is compatible with a wide range of anionic, amphoteric, nonionic and cationic
surfactants. Because of the special characteristic, it is normal if a little caking found. Crush it before using.


Adding procedure:
Disperse AC- PQ1004 with 1% glycerine or directly with water. Stir well. Add small dosage of alkali (e.g. NaOH or KOH) and stir until there is no visual particle in the solution. Add to the main vessel together with other surfactants.


● Shampoo
● Hair conditioner
● Body wash product
● Face Cleanser


Product Data Sheet
● Appearance: Slight yellow powder
● Odor: Typical
● Viscosity (20℃,1% aq.): 800 cps MIN
● Nitrogen content (%): 1.50-2.20
● Dry Loss (%): 6.00 MAX
● Ash (%): 4.00 MAX

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