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Our Products

While we continue to add new products to our wide product range every day, we serve different sectors in the following product categories with the support of our experts.

Carbomer (Carbomer); detergent, cosmetics, medicine, homecare etc. These are the products that we generally use to thicken and gel in industries. Our Carbomer product groups offer different varieties to our customers and EDGEL Carbomer products provide quality/price advantage with viscosity ranges suitable for different sectors.

AP-S1 polymer (acrylate copolymer/acrylates copolymer) is a slightly cross-linked acrylate copolymer. It is a new liquid acrylic rheology modifier designed to suspend, stabilize, thicken and enhance the appearance of surfactant-based personal cleaning products and soap-based cleaning systems.

Edsoft R-42 is a cationic acrylamide based thickening agent for acidic aqueous compositions and especially for household detergents and fabric softeners.

Polyquaternium 10 is a water-soluble conditioning agent obtained from natural cellulose. Thanks to its cationic structure, it provides a perfect care for the hair and skin. In addition, it provides conditioning without accumulation in the hair and without reducing the volume of the hair.

Guar, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride – J14, which is of natural and herbal origin, is a conditioning agent that can be used in cosmetic and home care formulas, providing stability, providing antistatic properties, and allowing viscosity adjustment.

EDTA chelates the magnesium and calcium present in hard water, ensuring that these substances do not interfere with the soap's cleansing effect on the skin. It is also used in mouthwashes, cosmetics, and other common topical preparations used on the skin.


EDGEL™ 46 ST is a Sodium ATBS based polymer recommended for thickening aqueous solutions for household, institutional and industrial applications even at low pH.

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