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Acrylates Copolymer

AP-S1 polymer is a lightly cross-linkedacrylate copolymer. It is a novel, liquid, acrylic rheology modifier designed to suspend, stabilize, thicken, and enhance the appearance of surfactant-based personal cleansing products and soap-based cleansing systems. It is a cost-effective and easy-to-use product that provides numerous benefits.


● Provides excellent suspending and stabilizing properties in a variety ofsurfactant-based cleansing products;even low viscosity formulations. Insoluble and difficult to stabilize ingredients such as silicones can be easily co-emulsified and stabilized.
● Imparts effective thickening and desirable flow characteristics to shampoos, body washes and other cleansing formulations.

● Permits the formulation of high clarity shampoos, body washes and other cleansing products.

● Compatible with virtually all commercial nonionic, anionic and amphoteric surfactants as well as with a wide array of popular additives and conditioning agents, such as cationic polymers.

● Functions synergistically with salts and surfactants providing options for achieving various suspending, stabilizing and thickening requirements.

● Builds high clarity products with yield value. It suspends hydrating capsules and exfoliates in pourable clear gel products and can be used to cream.

● Clear shampoos, bath gels and cleansers.
● Pearlescent shampoos and washes.

● Conditioning products with high molecular weight silicones.

● Low pH facial and body curbs.
● Economy personal washes and gels.

● Soap-based cleansing systems.

Thickening and flow control
AP-S1 thickens shampoo, body wash and other cleansing formulation to their ideal viscosity and provides highly desirable flow characteristics, although it has lower viscosity in water, AP-S1 works better synergistically with surfactants and salts to provide options for achieving various suspending, stabilizing, and thickening requirements.

Edgel AP-S2

4,5-6,5 Ph değerlerinde çalışabilen ve askıda tutma özelliği olan sıvı kıvamlaştırıcı

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