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AC-GR103 derived from natural guar gum, is a versatile additive for haircare preparation and homecare products. Usually, AC-GR103 is used as a conditioning agent, anti-static agent, viscosifier and stabilizer in formulas. It is compatible with virtually all of the usual surfactants used in the detergent and softener. It is an excellent thickening agent and a viscosity builder. This product is recommended for textile softener preparations.

Meanwhile, AC-GR103 can be strongly absorbed on many surfaces. The cationic charges attract to the negatively charged groups on the surface of the fibers and neutralize its charges, imparting anti-static properties and lubricity to cotton, cellulosic fibers, and synthetic fibers. Makes the fabric feel softer and fluffier. AC-GR103 also prevent static charge buildup in clothes dryers.


Due to its cationic characteristics, AC-GR103 displays a distinct affinity to hair and draws out the best qualities in surfactant solution and emulsions. It imparts above all softness and supplement to the hair, enable ease of detangling and help prevent the hair from becoming statically charged.It also proves to be effective in aqueous solutions as a thickening agent. It is cold processable. The backbone creates viscosity when it is hydrated.


Guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride

● Excellent thickening for fabric softener preparations. Improve softness feeling and make it fluffier.
● Imparts remarkable wet hair combing and dry hair combing. Improve the hair softness and suppleness.
● Imparts the softness and suppleness of dry hair.
● Improve ease of detangling.

● Provide an added function of contributing to the final viscosity in the formulated product.


● Fabric softener
● Detergent
● 2 in 1 shampoo
● Conditioner
● Hair care treatment
● Hair restorers
● Household product


Product Data Sheet
● Odor: Typical
● pH: 8.0-11.0
● Nitrogen content: 1.3-1.7
● Viscosity (1%SOL)(25℃)(cps):≥3000
● Dry loss (%): ≤13
● Ash (%): ≤3

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