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Rheology Modifier
for Laundry Softeners & Domestic Detergents

EDSOFT R 492 is a cationic rheology modifier for laundry softeners and domestic detergents.
EDSOFT R 492 is a ready to use polymer in powder form, typically used to thicken cationic aqueous solutions (as fabric softeners or any acidic compositions) and/or to stabilize O/W emulsions


EDSOFT R 492 can thicken low-active fabric softeners to give the rich look that consumers go for. It is effective in both amidoamine and esterquat formulations. It is an easily handled liquid dispersion that can be added to a softener at any point in the mixing process.


• Easy to use in hot & cold water
• Prevents any kind of gelling problems
• Compatible with all cationic & non ionic surfactants
• Generate pseudoplastic & non thixotropic solutions
• Allow formulation of highly stable O/W emulsions
• Able to suspend solid particles


Appearance White powder
Ionic character Cationic
Odor Slightly acrylic
Active content (%) > 90%
Viscosity (1% solution) 30 000–45 000 cPs
(RVT sp.6 @ 20 rpm)
pH (1% solution) 4 – 6
Shelf life (months)* 24
* When stored inside a building at a stable temperature between 5° and 30°C


EDSOFT R 492 should be stored at a
temperature between 5 – 30°C, in original
packaging. Do not store in mild steel, copper or
aluminium containers.


EDSOFT R 492 is available in 25Kg bags &
1000Kg- palette

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